The Business of the Biz

WOW-E! Entertainment is the ultimate choice for game shows that spice up your corporate events and clubhouse communities. Whether you need a team-building activity, a fun trivia night, or a hilarious comedy bingo show, WOW-E! has it all. You can customize your game show to suit your audience, theme, and budget. Plus, you get a one-of-a-kind experience that is ready to go with no hassle.

WOW-E! Entertainment is more than just a game show company, it's a game changer.

Meet the owner

Kelly Mahony is a professional comedian who began her career in Orlando, Florida. She was selected as the only female comedian finalist in the First Florida Comedy Competition by Comedy Central in her debut year of performing. That marked the start of her successful comedy career. She relocated to Los Angeles and performed at renowned venues such as the Improv and Comedy Store. She also hosted game shows for Nickelodeon Studios and entertained children and adults with slime, pies, and humor. She served as a top entertainer for Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood and hosted special events, movie premieres, and audience warm-up. She is known for her fun-loving, energetic, and playful personality and her ability to appeal to audiences of all ages. She now owns WOW-E! Entertainment where she delivers customized live experiences for local events. One of her most popular offerings is The Betty Bingo Show, where she plays a quirky character named Betty Bingo who makes people laugh with her witty jokes and catchy songs. Betty Bingo is a bingo enthusiast who loves to share her stories and opinions with the audience. She also does singing telegrams for various occasions, where she surprises people with personalized songs and messages. Kelly Mahony has a wealth of experience and skill and she is always eager to make you laugh.